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Baroud in the Christian Science Monitor: Arts in Gaza

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“I am writing this … to denote a fact that seems to escape many of us: Gaza is also an abode of poetry…,” writes Ramzy Baroud. “Alas, how many of us can name a single Palestinian poet from Gaza? Likely, very few. It is because we are accustomed to affiliating Gaza with death, not life.

“Poetry is the greatest intellectual affirmation of life because great poets never die. Their verses linger like the roots of an ancient Palestinian olive tree…. True, the wars have devastated Gaza and the siege is severely diminishing its ability to develop the massive and promising human capital it has.

“But it has not disfigured its essence, or lessened its humanity. Gaza remains a place of poets, artists, dabka dancers and untamable spirits of utterly resilient and refreshingly stubborn people.”

– Arts in Gaza, Christian Science Monitor