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Baroud in Al Arabiya: Israeli hands in the American ‘fear industry’

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There are about 70 massive walls erected all across the world with the single aim of separating countries and communities from each other. It is all done under the pretext of ‘security’, with the real intention often quite the opposite. Several of these walls are built or are in the process of being constructed by Israel over illegally-occupied Palestinian land.

Israel’s expertise has grown vastly in the field of wall construction, knowledge that is currently being exported to the United States and other countries. In fact, Israel has fashioned an entire security sector based on its fifty years of illegal military occupation of Palestine. Throughout the years, it has perfected the art of collective punishment, confining millions behind walls, trenches and military checkpoints.

With an entire population held behind various ‘security’ contraptions, and with wars being launched on a whim, millions of Palestinians have also become subjects for the testing of new Israeli weaponry.

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