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Baroud in Al Jazeera: Trump’s Embassy Move to Jerusalem ‘Self-Destructive’

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Palestinians in Bethlehem protesting US foreign policy. (Photo: via Social Media)

By Ramzy Baroud – Al Jazeera

Newly inaugurated US President Donald Trump is about to reverse an historical course that has been in the making for 100 years.

The inexperienced, demagogic politician hardly understands the danger that lies in his decision to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. If he goes through with this, he is likely to unleash an episode of chaos in an already volatile region.

The move, which is now reportedly in the “beginning stages”, is not a mere symbolic one, as some naively reported in Western mainstream media. True, American foreign policy has been centered mostly on military power, rarely historical fact.

But Trump, known for his thoughtlessness and impulsive nature, is threatening to eradicate even the little common sense that governed US foreign policy conduct in the Middle East.

If the new president moves forward with his plan, unsympathetic to Palestinian pleas and international warnings, he is likely to regret the unanticipated consequences of his action …

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