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From Palestine to Rotterdam: The Perfect PR Disaster

By RAMZY BAROUD In Rotterdam, Holland’s third largest city, thousands of Palestinians gathered on May 5 for the annual Palestinians in Europe conference. I too opted to participate only to witness a PR disaster, which could have not possibly taken place at a more critical time. This article is another attempt at self-critique and reflection, […]

Freedom for Alan Johnston

By RAMZY BAROUD In Trafalgar Square in London, dozens of journalists representing every major news organisation descended on a designated corner in the tourist infested area in support of Alan Johnston, the BBC correspondent kidnapped in Gaza on March 12, 2006, one month after his ordeal began. Awaiting the arrival of Alan’s family to a […]

A Democracy in Crisis: Who is Really in Control?

By RAMZY BAROUD Years back, an old and astute professor at the University of Washington ended a fascinating lecture to a small group of freshmen with the following contention: "Our country might find itself in a position that could force it to deprive its citizens from certain freedoms to preserve basic rights." The political atmosphere […]

Al Jazeera English: The Plot Thickens

By RAMZY BAROUD   The launch of Al Jazeera English on Nov. 15 was hardly an ordinary event. It was another notable addition to the growing global efforts aimed at counterbalancing American-European domination over world media: Deciding on what story is to be told and how, thus shaping public opinion, reinforcing Westerns policies, disseminating its own […]

US Image Problem Rooted in History, Not Media

By RAMZY BAROUD  US President George W. Bush once again blamed Arab media for his country’s image problem. "I recognise we’ve got an image issue, particularly when you have television stations, Arabic television stations that are constantly just pounding America — saying America is fighting Islam, Americans can’t stand Muslims, this is a war against […]

Murdoch Almighty; When Public Loses Opinion

By RAMZY BAROUD People imagine that their opinions are their own, not those of corporate moguls who compete to colonise the public sphere. We are not as free in thought as we think. German philosopher and political scientist Jèrgen Habermas is often credited for his immense contribution to sociology and critical theory among other areas […]

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