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Endorsements and How to Pre-Order: The Last Earth: A Palestinian Story

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This is a history of modern Palestine like no other: built from the testimony of people who have lived through it. Ramzy Baroud here gathers accounts from countless Palestinians from all walks of life, and from throughout the decades, to tell the story of the nation and its struggle for independence and security.

Challenging both academic and popular takes on Palestinian history, Baroud unearths here the deep commonalities within the story of Palestine, ones that draw the people together despite political divisions, geographical barriers and walls, factionalism, occupation, and exile.

Through these firsthand reports—by turns inspiring and terrifying, triumphant and troubled—we see Palestine in all its complexity and contradictions, ever vibrant in the memories of the people who have fought, physically and otherwise, for its future. A remarkable book, The Last Earth will be essential to understanding the struggles in the contemporary Middle East.

Baronesse Jenny Tonge:

‘Engaging, unforgettable, complex and unique. The Last Earth provides a unique way of tackling the problem of writing history. Reading The Last Earth is like walking around a gallery of old master paintings, each telling its own harrowing and often beautiful story about the same episode in human history. You may struggle with the names and generations therein, but you know already that this experience is going to be unforgettable.’

Salman Abu Sitta, author of Mapping my Return and the Atlas of Palestine:

‘This book is a powerful tool to revive and record the human history of al Nakba, the largest, longest, most comprehensive and still continuous ethnic cleansing in Palestine’s history. Al Nakba is not a traffic accident but a process subjecting its victims to a constant tragedy across many countries and many decades… a must read for all those who want to see the concealed human dimension of the Palestinian life and suffering.’

Noam Chomsky:

‘In the finest tradition of people’s history, these sensitive, painful and evocative pieces provide a human face to the painful saga of Palestinian torment and the remarkable courage and resilience of the victims.’

Ilan Pappe:

‘This moving and perceptive book is a journey to the heart of the evils of occupation and colonization suffered by the Palestinians on the ground. It allows the people themselves to narrate authentically and with all the complexities their aspirations, suffering and struggles.  Ramzy Baroud knows how to listen, contextualize and convey an inhumanity that has gone for too long and it is hoped that books like this would contribute to its end.’

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University of Chicago Press: https://buff.ly/2xuiiOB