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Baroud in Gulf News: Nikki Haley is Israel’s ‘Bully’ at the UN

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Nikki Haley speaking at AIPAC's policy conference. (Photo: via C-SPAN)

This is all an outcome of the Haley doctrine. Her arrival at the UN has ignited a US-Israeli hate fest, not only targeting UN member states, but also international law and everything that the UN has stood for over the decades.

The US has blindly supported Israel at the UN throughout the years, but Haley’s position is totally supportive of Israel, with no regard whatsoever for her country’s allies, or the possible repercussions of dismissing the only international body that still serves as a platform for international engagement and conflict resolution.

However, with a huge leadership vacuum and no law to guide the international community in resolving a 70-year-old conflict, Haley’s cowboy tactics are likely to do much harm to an already bleeding region.

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