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Cover for Ramzy Baroud’s Forthcoming Book Released

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Title: The Last Earth – A Palestinian Story
Original language: English
To be published by Pluto Press, UK, February 2018
Genre: narrative non fiction

Last Earth is a non-fictional narrative of modern Palestinian history, a unique study of people’s history and exile that attempts to challenge both academic and popular takes on Palestinian history, regardless of who is telling the story and why. It comprises eight chapters containing complex characters whose stories overlap in terms of the collective human experience. Each chapter, read individually, comprises a compelling personal story that represents the experience of an entire generation; but when read as a whole, the book tells the story of a people whose history cannot be reduced to a historical timeline of conflict, but rather tells of complex human emotions, hopes, dreams, struggles and priorities that seem to pay no heed to politics, the military balance or ideological rivalries. While it sheds light on the past, Last Earth is not meant to be solely a story about the past but also a serious attempt at making ordinary people the participants in shaping the present and future.

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